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The Camas Neighborhood

Lacamas Park

This 312-acre park has fishing, hiking and recreational opportunities, with bluegill and perch filling the waters of Round Lake. There are excellent bird watching areas around the park whose upland forests support a variety of wildlife, including deer, raccoons, beavers, coyotes, osprey, eagles and many other species of birds.

The park provides endless chances for photographers especially when the Camas lilies are in bloom in mid-April. See the series of rock formations located in the potholes near the falls – with it’s network of scenic hiking trails connecting to the Lacamas Heritage Trail at Lacamas Lakes south shore. Lacamas is our nearest neighborhood park located just three miles south of the property.

Heritage Trail

This wide, flat trail, runs along one shore of Lacamas Lake and attracts joggers, walkers, and cyclists on nice days. There are interpretive signs and native wildflowers bloom in profusion along the trail in spring. The links of Camas Meadows Golf Club can be seen to the left while strolling through groves of Douglas-firs, toothwort, snow queen and Oregon grape flower.

Pass over two-wide bicycle bridges in the marshland as the lake narrows to a slough; over another bridge into an oak woodland. For longer hikes, connect with trails in Lacamas Park (Round Lake Loop Hike and Lacamas Creek Hike) and Washougal River Greenway Loop Hike.

Downtown Camas

Downtown Camas is known for its beautiful tree-lined streets, unique boutiques and eateries, and small town charm. Established in 1883 as a mill town, it has been revitalized to include fine shopping, art galleries, dining and services while still maintaining its historic feel. About four miles south of the property, downtown Camas offers a full size supermarket, almost all kinds of cuisine, and even it’s own movie theater! If you need a night out in a quiet, peaceful, friendly hometown neighborhood – visit downtown Camas. While accessing the property avoids the busier parts of Vancouver and Camas, it’s nice to have our own quaint and vibrant Main Street right here in the downtown area.

Washougal River

Just outside of the little suburban town known as Washougal, a stretch of river with the same name hosts swimming holes that are ideal for escaping the mid-summer heat. If you drive the Washougal River Road heading north on a weekend, you will find easy river access alongside this scenic and windy road.

Between mile markers 3 and 5 is a two-mile run of Washougal River with numerous sun-drenched outcroppings, small pebbly beaches, and clear, turquoise pools of cool mountain water. In fact, when the water level is high, this stretch of river is great for finding an inner tube and enjoying a lazy float. Washougal River State Park is an undeveloped piece of state land currently projected for continued development.

Columbia Gorge

Southwest Washington is the region where Mt. Hood, Oregon’s tallest mountain meets the West’s mightiest river, the Columbia. The scenic views of the Columbia Gorge will take your breath away. From Beacon Rock on the Washington side to the Scenic Highway in Oregon, the opportunities for hiking, boating, scenic views and small town enjoyment abound.

Mt. Hood is home to six ski areas and has the nation’s longest ski season. Multnomah Falls showcases towering trees and waterfalls. Take day tours of farm-fresh feasts showcasing the season, or stay overnight in a cozy cabin getaway while wind sailing, climbing or snowshoeing. Whether stopping for amazing photos at Cape Horn, or fishing for sturgeon on a secluded shoreline, the Columbia River Gorge is majestic.

Beacon Rock

Imagine a dizzying mile-long switchback trail that takes you climbing up an oval rock 848 feet into the sky. As the world’s second largest free-standing promontory (after the Rock of Gibraltar), Beacon Rock is an amazing local treasure right here in our backyard.

Rock climbing and hiking are at the top of the list here and there are plenty of vantage points for eagle-eye views. Cyclists and horseback riders will also find trails to the vistas from Hamilton Mountain saddle, and boaters can delight in the awe of Beacon Rock directly from the Columbia River. Overlooking a breathtaking part of the Gorge where a deep, wide gouge in the earth was carved by ice age floods, the park’s proximity make it popular with locals and visitors from around the world.

Camas Country

Fern Prairie is a Camas neighborhood east of the Vancouver / Portland metro area with a population of about 2,000. The area offers a rural feel and most residents are homeowners. The neighborhoods tend toward upper-middle income. According to NeighborhoodScout median real estate price is $535,326 (higher than 68.5% of the neighborhoods in Washington), and rental prices average 8% higher than the surrounding metropolitan area. 

Demographics show that 44.0% of the working population is in executive, management, and professional occupations with other sales and service, manufacturing and labor, and tech support jobs. Most commuters from Fern Prairie spend between 15 and 30 minutes traveling each way (37.1% of working residents), shorter than most Americans. The elevation averages about 500 feet which typically brings one to three days of snow accumulation that could affect driving.

Fern Prairie Market

The Fern Prairie Market is our local country store that carries just about everything. Located less than a mile from the property, they sell all types of fuel including diesel and a variety of drinks, coffees and ready-to-go items. They have a hot section, make decent sandwiches and might even have the best bacon in town. While it’s a little hilly, it’s possible to walk to the market from the property or just take a one minute drive. Googling “Fern Prairie Market Camas” will give you a complete tour of this convenient store and possible alternate directions to the neighborhood.

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